Recently accounced - and just in time for the remainder of the Labor Day weekend - Fuel Monitor lowers its price!
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Fuel Monitor goes free [Update]


Just in time for this Labor Day weekend, Fuel Monitor announced that its app is available for free!

Last reviewed here, Fuel Monitor claims to be the only app of this type to use GPS to calculate fuel use.

How does it work?

Fuel Monitor bases its information on consumption data provided by your vehicle’s manufacturers.

All vehicles go through the same tests, but they’re done in lab conditions. “Dry runs” always provide better results than in reality.

Fuel Monitor enhances this data by integrating external factors such as the nature of your driving, traffic, acceleration, braking and more. Therefore, we provide the most accurate data possible for your own driving.

The recent updates and lower price make this an app worth looking into – especially with the recent spike in gas prices over the extended holiday weekend.

Fuel Monitor is available in the App Store for free.

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