Brenthaven's new BX^2 collection struts its classy style with a white, leather sleeve designed to protect your precious MacBook. What's my take with the unusually designed "handle at the bottom"? Read to find out!
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Review: Brenthaven BX^2 Sleeves for MacBook

As a professional presenter who schleps around lots of supplies and equipment, I had never used a sleeve for my MacBook Pro; instead I usually opt for the larger bags that will carry the MBP, files, gadgets, papers, charger, etc. But it was time to experiment. And the Brenthaven BX^2 Sleeve II was my first venture.


The Look

What is first noticeable about the BX^2 Sleeve II is its appearance. The white version was supplied for review, and it is eye-catching white. Very white. Stark white. Hospital white. While it may not be my color preference (I also don’t wear white shoes or a white belt), this sleeve will turn heads.

Unzip and open the sleeve to find a bright teal interior (or bright red interior if you have the soon-to-be-available black Sleeve II model) that is a stunning contrast to the white: retro and futuristic looking at the same time.


On the exterior you will find classily embossed the Brenthaven name and the Brenthaven logo on the handle – both with a silver background – and the subtly stamped “BX^2” in one corner. What looks like vented material on the exterior is actually tiny silver polka dots on the white, presumably to mask where hands would over time leave dirt and residue.


Most striking and unusual is the location of a handle. While most MBP sleeves either have no handle or a grocery-bag-style handle for carrying, the BX^2 Sleeve has a handle at the bottom. Yes, you read that right: the carrying handle is at the bottom of the case. Keep reading to see how that works.


The Feel

The white PU leather exterior is supple and smooth, and the padded handle is soft and comfortable. Despite the large circular bumps of padding in the interior, the material is satiny and rugged enough endure significant abuse from pushing and pulling a MBP both in and out. The MacBook will be protected and treated well while nestled in the BX^2 Sleeve.


The Design

In true Brenthaven high-quality construction, every area of the BX^2 Sleeve II – from the exterior stitching with silver thread and perfectly attached leather piping along the sides to the unique sleek bubble-wrap lining and logo’d zipper – shows the attention to high craftsmanship. The BX^2 uses specially designed BX2 Xtreme Foam that absorbs shocks better than traditional dense foam.

There are various sizes for MBP Air, 13″, and 15″ (with the 15″ version called Sleeve II). There is also a Plus version with an attached sleeve for an iPad.

The shape of the BX^2 Sleeve isn’t rectangular. By stretching the bottom corners downward, the corners of an enclosed MacBook are not susceptible to the same level of impact from a corner drop as it would be in a traditional neoprene, rectangular sleeve.

As previously mentioned, the patent-pending Secure GripTM handle is at the bottom of this sleeve. How does it work? Not like a handle, really, given that handles are held in your hand, by curling you fingers around the handle and resting it in your fingers or palm. Instead, you grip not the handle, but the bottom of the sleeve and and your MacBook. Think of how you might carry a book at your side. The Secure GripTM handle the rests against the back of your hand to secure your grip not on the handle – but the sleeve. While it’s unusual, it’s supremely successful.


Worth the Investment

While I am personally not sold on a sleeve for my personal and professional use because there isn’t enough room for more supplies, if I were to use a sleeve to carry my MacBook Pro, I would definitely use Brenthaven’s BX^2 Sleeve.

As expected from Brenthaven, the BX^2 Sleeve is also eligible for their 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Partner the high caliber construction with Brenthaven’s commitment to sustainability and Zero-Impact, and you can be proud to purchase their products:

Brenthaven is committed to achieving Zero Impact™ on our environment without compromising the integrity of our products. Our strategy is to create great products that last a lifetime; reduce what we can in the manufacturing of our products and operation of our business; and offset what we can not through annual investments into environmental non-profits and carbon offsets.

The entire BX^2 Collection is here where the 11″ Sleeve, Sleeve I and Sleeve II are available in black and white for $49.95. The BX^2 Sleeve Plus is $59.95.


Brenthaven’s White BX^2 Sleeve II was provided for review by Brenthaven and the MaxBorges Agency. See our “About” page for our review policies.

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