Can someone enjoy learning mathematics with an iPad game? Before you answer, read the impression of whether Questimate! succeeds or fails.
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Review: Questimate! – a mathematics iPad app


I’m a former math teacher and am always on the lookout for high caliber mathematics apps. I’ve even reviewed a few of those apps on iSource here, and also several Motion Math apps here. I am also a professional developer and am a state-trainer for Mathematics Common Core State Standards. These national standards bring a new approach to learning and teaching, so I’m keenly aware of what an app should not be: it should not be glorified worksheet or drill of skills.

Questimate! is another out-of-this-world, superbly designed and executed app by developer Motion Math. The user is involved in thinking about mathematics, in developing numeracy (number sense), in incrementally more challenging and exciting questions that the user develops. My 5th grader loves Questimate!, and the teachers I show it to get very excited – just as they should!

How to Play Questimate!:
1) Select a Quest you’d like to explore.
2) Combine phrases to create your question.
3) Make your estimate for the question.
4) See the answer! You’ll get 100, 200, or 300 points if your estimate is within the target rings. Points unlock treasures for hints and power-ups.
5) If your estimate is outside the rings, you lose a life. Can you make it to the end of a Quest before your 3 lives are up? Play solo or play against friends to see who gets more points!

QUESTIMATE! The estimation game where YOU make the questions.

Questimate! - 1 - you make a question

You make the question…

Questimate! - 2 - you estimate

Now make your best guess to your question…

Questimate! - 3 - the answer is

And see how “on target” your guess was!

The Common Core State Standards are about learning mathematics – not about learning shortcuts and algorithms without the deep understanding of what those are for – but learning developing conceptual understanding over time to ensure a rigorous understanding of mathematics. Questimate! is a free-to-play app that is the perfect complement to developing estimation and approximation skills – skills in the Mathematics Common Core State Standards from 3rd to 7th grade.

Motion Math continues to set the bar for high caliber apps for mathematics that engage the user while learning!


Questimate! is available for the iPad (iOS 6.0 or higher) for free from the App Store.

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