At just one week away from Apple's most anticipated event of the year the leaked photos and iPhone parts approach a feverish pace. What do you think of the rumored iPhone 5C color options?
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New photos reportedly reveal iPhone 5C packaging and colors


The closer we get to Apple’s September 10th event, the more “leaked” photos and rumored parts belonging to the next iPhone(s) are revealed.  We still won’t “know” for sure exactly what they will look like for another week.  However, it has become readily apparent that there is little Apple can do in this global economy to keep one of the most anticipated phones each and every year a complete secret.

Today, there are a handful of new photos claiming to reveal the new, less expensive,  iPhone 5C and its packaging before they were pulled off their site.  With this new transparent packaging it seems obvious that it’s designed to showcase the new colors options Apple is planning to offer with the 5C.




Close-up views seem to indicate what we already suspect–the iPhone 5C will have curved edges and look like an iPhone 5 wrapped in a color plastic shell.  The clear face-plate cover from the packaging also reveal wallpaper matching the color of each phone–nice touch!  The pictures also showcase iOS 7 icons, potentially lending some reassurance to those worried that it might not be sold with the latest version of Apple’s software.

It won’t be long now.  Expect Apple to send out invitations in the next day or so as we quickly approach the most anticipated Apple event of the year. We’d love to hear what you think.  Please leave a comment below, and then head on over to the forums and see what everyone else thinks of the iPhone 5C color options.  Stay tuned to iSource for all iPhone related news as we rapidly approach the rumored September 10th launch date.


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