After only two weeks, PopCap's latest installment in their zombie defense series is raking in millions of downloads. Is the rapid success of Plants vs. Zombies 2 a ringing endorsement for freemium games? It's certainly a start.
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Plants vs. Zombies 2 reaches 25 million downloads

plants vs zombies 2

PopCap’s switch to freemium for their Plants vs. Zombies series is paying off in the form of huge download numbers. Just about two weeks from its initial launch, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has reached 25 million downloads all without charging a single cent to users up front.

Instead, PvZ 2 will earn its keep through the sale of virtual goods, an increasingly common business model for the apps and games market today. The good thing about the second iteration of PopCap and EA’s tower defense-style title is that gameplay does not hinge on trading real money for digital coins.

Most (but not all) unlockable content can be earned through mowing down lines of zombies. It’s just a lot quicker if a player chooses to spend money on freemium features.

Of course, let’s not make the drastic comparison that the success of Plants vs. Zombies is the same as the success of the freemium business model. The game tapped into a userbase eager for the next installment in the popular series, most of which likely would have dropped $.99 on the game happily. Freemium is definitely coming of age and increasingly the norm, but don’t expect developers to shy away from paid apps anytime soon.

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