New game from the creator of Zaga-33 turns your iPhone into a hacker's terminal. You'll face none of the legal implications of busting into a real mainframe, but the challenge is still there. Think you have what it takes?
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‘868-Hack’ almost as challenging as the real thing?


Looking for a challenging game that won’t eat up too much of your time in one sitting? Always dreamed of being an uber-leet hacker? Look no further than 868-Hack, the new title from the creator of Zaga-33.

The game transforms your iPhone into a hacker terminal, tasking you to crack into systems, siphon data, and escape without being detected or caught. The concept is quite simple, as is the presentation, but these things are often deceptive. The game only features eight levels, and play throughs can be quick, but you’re guaranteed to spend hours attempting to push up your high score.

If there is any drawback, 868-Hack doesn’t come cheap. For this boutique indie title, you’ll need to pony up $5.99. You’ll almost certainly get your money’s worth.

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