Forget the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Apple is reportedly testing phones with screen sizes as large as six inches. Could an Apple Phablet finally be on the horizon?
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Apple currently testing iPhones with six-inch screens


With the blogosphere focusing most of their attention on next week’s Apple event and the expected announcement of two new iPhones, the Wall Street Journal’s report of what’s expected further down the pipeline is perhaps even more intriguing.  A phablet, of sorts.

According to the report, Apple is currently testing iPhones with screen sizes ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches.  This, of course, is nothing new, as reports of Apple prototypes can be easily found.  But the testing of multiple different sizes, coupled with the fact that Apple reportedly seems much more focused on shifting to a larger screen than it has in past years, seems to imply that a change could be imminent.  Apple is currently most intrigued by a 4.8-inch screen, according to the report.

The report also makes clear that the phones Apple is expected to announce next week will not see a change in screen size.  It’s not clear exactly when we’ll see a bump, but it does appear that Apple is feeling some heat from a constantly evolving market.

It will be interesting to see if, in the same way the iPad set the standard for tablets, the ‘iPhab’ can set a new standard for the smartphone-tablet market.  It won’t be long now.  Stay tuned right here for all the latest rumors and news leading up to, during, and following the Apple iPhone event on September 10th.  Please feel free to leave a comment below, and then head on over to the forums and see what everyone else thinks of a larger iPhone screen.


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  • jaiotu

    Bring on the bigger phone… PLEASE!
    I’m currently using the Samsung Galaxy Note II. You really do get used to the larger size after using it for a while. Now even the iPhone 5 with it’s slightly larger screen seems like a shrinky dink. iPhone users are going to be in heaven once Apple starts shipping “phablet” sized phones.

    • Mark Wheeler

      I won’t buy it, 4.8 is as big as ill go and that is pushing it, I want something that fits in my workshirt pocket. There are a LOT of apple lovers out there who stick around for the smaller screens. I don’t want to have to carry my phone in hand or adjust my wardrobe and wear cargo shorts just to carry my phone with me. If I need a bigger display I have tablets for that at home.

      • jaiotu

        My Note II fits fine in shirt pocket or pants pocket. No need to change wardrobe. It DID take getting used to holding it my hand… I dropped the thing five times on the first day simply because I had to learn how to grip it without fumbling. And while I don’t doubt that many iPhone users are satisfied with a smaller screen, it would be nice to have the option of an iDevice that meets the middle ground between the iPad mini and the current selection of iPhones… personally I don’t see myself coming back to iPhone unless the screen size gets closer to my note. The S-Pen is nice, but I don’t use it nearly as much as I thought I would. And you can’t beat Apple for build quality… the plastic used in the construction of the Note II feels cheep.

        • Mark Wheeler

          I think we can agree on that, I don’t know about you but I think 4.8 is the biggest my work shirt pocket would accommodate. So I’d be ok with them doing that and maybe a 6″ screen for the phablet people. I just want options. S pens would be useless to me, I get why some people want them but it doesn’t apply to me.

          So in short if apple has to do this to survive I just hope they don’t alienate the ” no phablet ” people like me.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I don’t think a lot of Apple users will like a screen that is too big. The iPhone is all about being portable.

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      Right, the mindset is that it’s great to use a handheld deviced with one hand, and to have the radius of your thumbs reach determine the screen size. I believe that most of the time that you are on your phone you maybe in a sedetary enviroment, so making it accomodating to one hand use is dated. If there was a way for the phone to have a way to tell if you are using one hand it will just make it one hand friendly as you are walking per say, so the screen shrinks to whichever side you hold the phone. similar to you flipping the phone landscape. Then when you hold it with both hands or landscape it will be full screen. Maybe that’s just too much trouble

    • Renkman

      I disagree. We are ready for a larger screen size–not a phablet–hell no, but something more manageable like 4.3′-4.8″ I know I am ready, and iPhone users I talk to feel much the same.

      • Donovan Shore

        Remember the statement put out by Apple back when the 4 was released? They didn’t want to change the size and shape of the phone because of all the accessories for the phone as well. Not only do they make money on the phones but all that junk that is iPhone specific or has the neat little slot for it.

        Although I guess no one has heard of blue tooth. Why buy an iPhone specific product when you can buy a similar product that connects via blue tooth and works on whatever device you have?

        So, who knows. I am just throwing a wild guess out there that if you do get a larger screen on the next iPhone it will because they did away with the home button or changed it but kept the same body.

        • Donovan Shore

          OK, I know I am a mess when it comes to MS Paint. But this is my idea of what the iPhone 6 would look like.

        • Renkman

          LMAO, no thanks.

        • Donovan Shore

          LOL come on. It’s B E A U tiful…

          I think I want one, in pink though.

  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    I have to say this. I went from stock android to Note 2. Its a smack in the face at the limitations posed by touch whiz. I didn’t stick around long enough to root it and put a euro version of touch whiz (or stock). I did appreciate the size of it though. It made everything that much more enjoyable. If apple were to make an I phone 6 Inches, it would not have to be enormous. Think about it. the Note 2 has a 5.5 inch screen and that still was palmable for me. all they have to do is make the bezel even smaller, and the speaker/camera/ light sensor shorter and the round button if they made it stand above the screen instead of sunk down, they can make the button smaller too. or flat to accomodate a print scanner (doubt it is coming). If Apple were to make a 6″ iPhone it would not be as impossible as some might think. In my oppinion

  • a new phablet lol.

  • Donovan Shore

    An iPhone with 4.8″ screen and all that bezel for the stupid large home button will be just as large as a Note II.

    • Renkman

      Good point. I don’t want that big of a phone, but I do want a 4.5″+ screen. Maybe they can widen the home button and reduce the bezel like so many other manufacturers are doing now-a-days?

      • Donovan Shore

        That’s a brilliant idea. How about they widen the Circle but make it slimmer and longer. What is that geometrical shape again? Oh yeah, an Oval. Like on a Samsung.

        Now this IS WHAT I THINK SHOULD HAPPEN, but I don’t really see Apple doing that. Especially after all the controversy over the shape of phones (rectangles with rounded edges) and even wall chargers. Unless Apple has already trying to patent oval home buttons.

        This is where I feel Apple has backed themselves into a corner at times. Putting out a phone every so often hurts them since they are theonly manufacturer of iPhones, and everyone else making phones to run Android are sort of in an arms race of features and specs. When iPhone has decided on final design and internals for the year model there are already others well past that. They want to stick to their design but the design has a lot of people jaded at this point. Iconic huge home button, too much phone real estate compared to phones now, especially ones with full front screen and soft buttons.

        iPhone uses metal because it is stronger, everyone ohhing and awwing but metal gets the paint scratched off to make it blatant where it was dinged and now iPhone making a plastic phone. Again though all that criticize plastic totally on board if Apple does it.

        My main OS of choice is Android but for what I do there is ABSOLUTELY no alternative. But I enjoy competition and it really causes all manufactures to step up and continue stepping up. I just feel that Apple is so set in their certain ways that it really causes the users to miss out on how much a phone can do. I mean really, can Apple not add a simple sd card slot or do they really have to charge so much for higher storage amounts.

        OH GOD, went off in about four different directions there.