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Apple’s updated apps are now ‘optimized for iPhone 6’


Wait a second…say what?  The internet is a wildfire, especially when it comes to rumors that go against the grain.  The latest juicy piece of gossip is that the iPhone 5S, as we have come to know it by, is really going to be called the iPhone 6!  Calm down, calm down.  I call foul.  It looks as though after the initial excitement over that nugget, others have found this documentation to be nothing more than an honest mistake.




Twitter is overflowing with reports that different pages in different regions of the US are showing different messages.  Web links from the Canadian iTunes stores include the iPhone 6 text, while in the US, the link still indicates it is “optimized for iPhone 5.”  Down under they always seem to get everything first, their App store link reads “optimized for iPhone 7.”  That’s a lot of errors at once!  Perhaps the folks over at Apple are blowing off some steam, and having a little fun before the big event next Tuesday–who could blame them?

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  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    “iPhone 6”?
    That is new…
    What features will it have?

    • Renkman

      Did you read the article? Apparently, it was a mistake that was made in the App Store compatibility info. We don’t expect to see an iPhone 6 until next year.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Hello, “Renkman”.