Looking to sell that old iPhone, Apple wants it! Thinking you might want an iPhone, but wish you more color options? Wish your iPhone had a larger screen size, or that you didn't always have to slide to open for a change--we've got you covered. These are just a sample of what readers were discussing in the iSource forums this week. Come join the discussion!
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From the forums, this week at iSource


The iSource forums are filled with questions and viewpoints about everything Apple.  In addition to being a place to answer your questions, the forums are a great place to find out about the latest games being released, and catch up on all the rumored Apple news that came out during the week.  At iSource, we have a large forum with thousands of entries on a wide variety of subject matter?  Here are just a few of the topics our readers were discussing this past week.

New photos reportedly reveal iPhone 5C packaging and colors

At just one week away from Apple’s most anticipated event of the year the leaked photos and iPhone parts approach a feverish pace. What do you think of the rumored iPhone 5C color options? Would you prefer any of these colors over the black and white choices Apple has previously offered?

Apple currently testing iPhones with 4.8″ to 6″ screens

You ready for a larger iPhone screen? Apple thinks you are. They have been rumored to be testing screen sizes from 4.8″ to 6″. Is that to big for you? Sound off below, and tell us what you think?

Apple wants your old iPhone [POLL]

Apple wants your old iPhone. Their new trade-in program – which complements their online recycling program where you can swap your old iPhone for a gift card – is the in-store equivalent of competing with many other popular vendors who offer cash for the trade. How do you plan on upgrading from your current iPhone? Will you be trading in that older model for a new one–if so, what’s your plan?

New high quality photos reportedly show off iPhone 5S packaging and new home button

With only days remaining until the iPhone 5S is officially introduced to the world, photos rumored to be of the iPhone 5S packaging have surfaced confirming much of what we have already suspected. Looks like we might finally be getting the finger-print scanner we have been hearing so much about

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