While an Apple TV hardware refresh was on the minds of many heading into next week, it looks as though we might have to wait a little bit longer for that dream to come to fruition.
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No new Apple TV next week, only upgraded software expected for now


Apple has not refreshed the Apple TV box top set hardware since March 2012.  After rumors earlier in the week that potentially suggested otherwise, it looks as though we will have to wait at least a little longer for new hardware.  According to AllThingsD, citing people familiar with the company’s plans, “Apple won’t be unveiling any new boxes next week.”  That’s a bummer.

All is not lost, though, as Apple is expected to update the Apple TV software with several new tweaks, one of which includes iTunes Radio to compliment popular content partners, offering HBO GO, WatchESPN and Sky News, as well as more recently added Vevo, the Smithsonian channel and Disney.

ATD goes on to describe one new feature in the works that will “let people who’ve bought content from Apple play that stuff on other users’ Apple TVs, via Apple’s Airplay system and Apple’s server.”  This has long been a highly sought after feature where content previously purchased from the iTunes store could be viewed at another location via your own iOS device over Airplay on another Apple TV without signing in with your own user ID and password.

At this point it’s all just speculation on top of speculation and until next Tuesday at Apple’s iPhone Event, we won’t know anything for certain.  Would you like to see an Apple TV hardware refresh?  I know I would.  I have long felt that Apple has big plans for the Apple TV, and we have only begun to touch upon the true potential in this little device.  Stay tuned to iSource for all the latest info, before, during and after the biggest Apple event of the year, then head on over to our forums to chime in on what interests you most.

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