With only days remaining until the iPhone 5S is officially introduced to the world, photos rumored to be of the iPhone 5S packaging have surfaced confirming much of what we have already suspected.
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New high quality photos reportedly show off iPhone 5S packaging and new home button


You can tell we are on the home stretch now.  With September 10th, and the announcement of Apple’s next iteration of the iPhone only a few days away, leaked photo after leaked photo has been surfacing.  Today we have photos to share with you via ctechcn, a Chinese technology site that had posted slightly blurry photos yesterday depicting on iPhone 5S in a white box.  These particular photos are higher quality versions then the ones posted yesterday, which seem to add some credibility to their authenticity.

iPhone-5S-packaging-3 iPhone-5S-packaging-2








Looking at these pictures there are a few items to note right away.  The most obvious of which is the altered home button.  The home button now appears to be slightly larger, and is surrounded by a ring of shiny silver/grey material.  If these photos are genuine, then this may indeed be the finger-print scanner we have been hearing so much about.  From the box alone it is difficult to detect whether or not the home button is covered with a sapphire coating of any kind, or if it is now a convex shape which would be a departure from the iconic concave home button we have all come to know over the years.

iPhone-5S-packaging iPhone-5S-packaging-4








Other items of interest are the similarities to the packaging design of the iPhone 5C photos that leaked just a few days ago, and the solid background colors that seem to match the color of the phone.  Black phone = black wallpaper.  Blue iPhone 5C = blue wallpaper.

It won’t be long now.  Stay tuned right here for all the latest rumors and news leading up to, during, and following the Apple iPhone event on September 10th.  Please feel free to leave a comment below, and then head on over to the forums and see what everyone else thinks of the iPhone 5S and the new finger-print scanner.  Stay tuned to iSource for all iPhone related news as we rapidly approach the rumored September 10th launch date.



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  • Donovan Shore

    LOL, OMG the home button is different. I want it.

    • Renkman

      Well, as I’m sure you already know, with the “S” versions of Apple’s iPhone release cycle we typically get very few, if any hardware changes, so a new home button is significant in that respect. But, yeah, nothing dramatically different in the basic hardware until next year I suspect.

      • Donovan Shore

        I will just be here on the edge of my seat until then…

        • Renkman

          Who knows, maybe Apple spoofed us all this year-na, doubt it. Too hard to keep this stuff secret anymore.

        • Donovan Shore

          I am sure it will sell like crazy anyways, so who am I.

        • Renkman

          That it will, but I’m guessing more for the rumored inclusion of the additional mobile partners from China Mobile and NTT DoCoMo with 740 million & 53 million subscribers respectively, then a fingerprint scanner and a dual flash camera. Don’t forget, though, iOS 7 is a game changer as well, and it just might add the lion’s share of first time iPhone owners looking for something “new.”

        • Donovan Shore

          Define “Game Changer” in that respect. I would call it more, “Game catcher upper.”

          After reading the “iOS 7 features page from Apple.com, one thing comes to mind. The Jabberwocky presentation from the show Better Of Ted.

          It says a lot that things are rethought and better, but doesn’t actually say anything.

          I understand the need for a less expensive iPhone on the company stand point. There are markets that Apple is really hurting in. Not all markets buy an iPhone because its an “iPhone” they actually pay attention to price and alternatives, especially on the internal specs area. But I also feel that this is going to be a release in the US that Apple is more like “yeah, we make a less expensive iPhone, if you are a poor bastard that can’t afford a real phone like the 5S”

          I also see it going the route of, well at least where I live in Cali, of “oh you got the new iPhone cool,…wait, you got the 5C?,… lame”

          So it is sets the step child stigma.

        • Renkman

          With respect to the “game changer” comment I made–just because you got their first, doesn’t mean you did it better. Case in point the new Galaxy Gear is a horrific, expensive piece of tech that was all about being first. It personifies everything Apple isn’t. Sure, you’ll get the early adopters, but they don’t make up the masses, and they don’t bring you loyal customers that stay.

          Are you wanting me to debate the merits of iOS7? You visited the Apple site yourself, you saw what they are offering. You clearly have a loyalty to Android, which is cool, and we’re glad you are still stopping by and commenting/reading posts. I like most of what they introduced with iOS 7. I am not a fan of the color palette, but it’s growing on me.

          There really isn’t a “need” for a less expensive iPhone. Typically, the previous model year phone is offered for $99, and the year before that, for free. This has always been a compelling and lucrative market for Apple. I don’t know what the iPhone 5C will sell for, and if it will even be offered on contract or only as an unsubsidized option like most phones sold outside the US market are. I would rather not own a plastic phone–that’s my preference, not even an iPhone. But there are many people, especially that “poor bastard” who wants an iPhone outside the US, but can’t afford the unsubsidized newest version (5S in this case). For that person, the iPhone 5C would be a suitable option.

          In addition, many people hand their older phones down to their kids, or buy the 1-2 year old subsidized phones for their young teenagers. Now they have a plastic version that will probably stand up to the active, and sometimes less careful, younger crowd, but still have the newest OS and probably most of the same ( I say most, becasue we just don’t know for sure yet) features as the unannounced 5S.

        • Donovan Shore

          I agree on your comment about the Samsung gear. And about how not because you are first means you did it well. However, I feel that many companies are left in the spot of having to introduce things early and in such a grand way that it is known that it is done. They are combating the Apple launch presentation and that one word, “innovative.”

          It’s like anyone that did something for the first time in the world, if no one was there to see it then did it really happen. Many times I have watched presentations from all sorts of companies, Apple, Samsung, Ford, Sony, Tesla, all sorts, present something as new or that they invented it, but it actually has been around a while. Just that the public did not know or it wasn’t such a common thing yet. And in all honesty, I feel that is what Samsung aimed for when releasing the Samsung gear. Not to make a ton of profit or even to support the device, just to have it out there to prevent Apple from saying one line in their watch presentation “We invented a smart watch” or something of the sort.

          When said about the “poor Bastards” thing I really didn’t mean that the people that purchase it are that, I just feel it will be the stigma. Now I know this is just a small scale but from what I experience in the part of country I am from, few blocks from Apple, People see someone with an older iPhone a few days after a new phone launch then they sort of look down on them. And I feel that all the advertisements will be all about the 5S then in the last 2 seconds of the commercial “also available as 5C” But again, just from people I see and just in America. As a business plan to get into other markets, Great and what Apple absolutely needs to do.

          As for price, I do not feel that talking about subsidized price is anyway to talk about it at all. It just has too many variables and has no right or wrong answer. I like to talk about full retail price and that is also how I purchase phones, but that is because it works for me. For others yes, subsidized pricing is what they need and will go for. This argument can also go into Android vs iPhone simply on what does the customer NEED in a phone. To make calls and maybe check emails, no way at all do they need a new iPhone especially, not the newest Android, but maybe a cheapo Android that still has good specs or an older iPhone for free.

          Yes, I am an Android fan, but I cruise Android, iPhone, and Windows phones because not only does tech get me excited no matter what front it comes from, I also like to know the competition.
          Also a reason I am not to particular on iPhone is because after every release and having them in my hand while thinking of the cost as well, my mind goes “Meh” I just feel like why can’t it be a little, a lot, more to it. Now I also understand that Apple care is a wonderful thing and all the testing and processes that go into it takes funding and resources. I commend that on Apple, but it’s just the little things that get me.

        • Donovan Shore

          UHG, commet waiting to get aproval, feel free to edit out any part if you need.

  • fallen apple

    And the dream of a bigger screen is crushed yet again.

  • this are “high” quality pictures.

    Oh man…