With only days remaining until the iPhone 5S is officially introduced to the world, photos rumored to be of the iPhone 5S packaging have surfaced confirming much of what we have already suspected.
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New high quality photos reportedly show off iPhone 5S packaging and new home button


You can tell we are on the home stretch now.  With September 10th, and the announcement of Apple’s next iteration of the iPhone only a few days away, leaked photo after leaked photo has been surfacing.  Today we have photos to share with you via ctechcn, a Chinese technology site that had posted slightly blurry photos yesterday depicting on iPhone 5S in a white box.  These particular photos are higher quality versions then the ones posted yesterday, which seem to add some credibility to their authenticity.

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Looking at these pictures there are a few items to note right away.  The most obvious of which is the altered home button.  The home button now appears to be slightly larger, and is surrounded by a ring of shiny silver/grey material.  If these photos are genuine, then this may indeed be the finger-print scanner we have been hearing so much about.  From the box alone it is difficult to detect whether or not the home button is covered with a sapphire coating of any kind, or if it is now a convex shape which would be a departure from the iconic concave home button we have all come to know over the years.

iPhone-5S-packaging iPhone-5S-packaging-4








Other items of interest are the similarities to the packaging design of the iPhone 5C photos that leaked just a few days ago, and the solid background colors that seem to match the color of the phone.  Black phone = black wallpaper.  Blue iPhone 5C = blue wallpaper.

It won’t be long now.  Stay tuned right here for all the latest rumors and news leading up to, during, and following the Apple iPhone event on September 10th.  Please feel free to leave a comment below, and then head on over to the forums and see what everyone else thinks of the iPhone 5S and the new finger-print scanner.  Stay tuned to iSource for all iPhone related news as we rapidly approach the rumored September 10th launch date.



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