Do you suffer from a tangled mess of wires associated with connecting your iPad or iPhone to a charging device? Maybe you need one of these.
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Review: Scosche’s boltBOX cable

We might be a wireless generation, but many of us still live with wires. Apple may have improved synching our idevices to iTunes or the Cloud through wifi, but this happens when we plug in to charge… with a wire. Although there are battery cases and charging stations, I still keep charging wires with me – in my car, in my backpack, in my nightstand, in a kitchen drawer, etc. And if they are Apple wires, audio cables, earbuds, or the multiple USB charging wires, they are almost always a tangled mess.

The invent of the retractable cable has improved my world tremendously. I have a retractable audio cable, synching cable for 30-pin devices, and thanks to Scosche a compact Lightning cable – the boltBOX – a 3-foot cable that fits in the size of your hand.

Available in multiple colors, this matchbox-sized box has a flat-cabled USB plug at one end and a Lightning adapter at the other. What is improved over most retractable cables is the way the plugs tuck into the sides of the boltBOX to make it more compact. This design makes it smaller than their previous design (which I bought from an AT&T store) pictured below.


As long as the retractable winding doesn’t break after repeated use, the Scosche boltBOX will be the perfect complement and replace my tangled mess of wires! YES!


boltBOX is available here for $24.99

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