The ad-free Instagram needs to start turning a profit lest parent com pay Facebook regret its acquisition of the photo sharing social network. While the exact method of displaying ads is undetermined, they will be here within the year.
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Ads: coming soon to an Instagram feed near you

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According to a new report from the WSJ, Instagram is ready to begin monetizing its 150 million active users. In conversations with Emily White, the social network’s business manager, it was revealed that the company plans to start selling ads within a year. How exactly these ads will populate the average user’s photo feed is still a work in progress.

The most logical way of selling and displaying ads would be to follow Twitter’s promoted tweet platform. Brands could pay to have a specific Instagram photo broadcast to a wider audience, outside of those already following the account. A simple “promoted” tag would distinguish it from the rest.

This method would look clean, not break up the established photo feed format, and be only mildly annoying at the end of the day. Another way to handle ads, which comes by way of speculation on the WSJ‘s part, would be to promote only on the discover and search pages.

But the change is imminent. White has been meeting with big companies already established on Instagram to pitch the company’s ad agenda. We’re talking players like Coca-Cola and Ford. The whole thing is already in motion, so cherish the ad-free Instagram experience while you still can.

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