Apple iPhone Event now available as streaming video


WOW, what a day!  Apple has a way of building the anticipation of their Special Events into something quite remarkable.  I get caught up in it every year–no matter the hype, the leaks, the purported this and that.  I love it all.  But if you are in the business of bringing the information to the masses, like we are, unfortunately you don’t get to enjoy it all as it is unfolding because you are too busy trying to get your posts up for you, the readers. Luckily Apple was kind enough to get the live-stream up online so you can enjoy it all over again, or watch it for the first time, like me.  So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and the beverage of your choice and take it all in.

Apple Special Event | September 10, 2013

image [Apple]

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