Apple's updated iPhone 5S will come in three colors while maintaining the same design stylings that made the iPhone 5 so popular. It also gets major performance enhancements.
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Official: iPhone 5S announced, will come in three colors

iphone-5s-heroAlong with the iPhone 5C, Apple has today announced the new iPhone 5S, an update to last year’s popular iPhone 5. For the first time ever the flagship handset will arrive in three color options: silver, gold, and an option Apple is dubbing ‘space grey.’

While the aluminum construction of the phone remains nearly identical to the iPhone 5, the internal hardware boasts some major upgrades, including Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor, as well as redesigned camera featuring a larger active sensor area than ever before, all optimized for iOS 7.

The camera gets even more enhancements with its new True Tone, which uses multiple flash elements to generate proper lighting tones, and automatic image stabilization. There is also a new burst mode and 120 fps Slo-Mo.

But perhaps the biggest new feature, and the most talked about leading up to the official announcement, is Touch ID. This is the fingerprint scanner we have been hearing so much about, and it’s functionality is integrated directly into iOS 7. You can use it to unlock your device, make iTunes purchases, and more.

We’d say this constitutes more than just a minor upgrade, even if the handset doesn’t look all that different at first glance. We’ll be delving deeper into what’s new with the iPhone throughout the day, so stick around!

[photo courtesy of Engadget]

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