iPhone 5S touch ID sensor just got real


After weeks of rumors about an iPhone with a fingerprint scanner for a home button, Apple just confirmed that its newly announced iPhone 5S will offer this feature. The touch ID sensor is 170 microns thin and senses 500 ppi. It can also scan your sub-epidermal skin layers.

In addition, the iPhone 5S’ home button scanner can be used to unlock your phone and authorize purchases. This new and improved home button sounds more like a sensor and less like a button. An obvious step forward, but in a world obsessed with big brother, are you ready to give your fingerprint to Apple?

[Image credit: The Verge]

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  • Wes Loveday

    Cool if it works. If you have to swipe like on my Thinkpad, could be a PITA for a phone. The Thinkpad isn’t “hard”, but it takes a second to do ensuring a good swipe.

  • bitflung

    will apple open the API for 3rd party devs? no? turn the page.
    well – or we could wait for apple to open the API up… by then a similar sensor will exist on other platforms and we’ll all be embroiled in more lawsuit news. yay. *facepalm*