Touch ID is an innovative new feature that builds a fingerprint sensor into the Home button of the iPhone 5S, but the new addition comes at the expense of a defining element of iPhone iconography. You may have overlooked it.
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With Touch ID, an Apple icon is lost


Touch ID is quite possibly revolutionary. We’ll reserve judgement on that until we have the iPhone 5S in our hands. But let’s pause a moment and pour one out for the iPhone Home button icon. It’s gone, whisked away in favor of a fingerprint sensing layer and sapphire crystal lens.

During today’s announcement the missing graphic was overlooked in lieu of talk of the way Touch ID will redefine iPhone security, how deeply integrated into iOS 7 it really is, and how Apple didn’t just add the feature for the sake of technology. And we agree. We think using a fingerprint scanner embedded in that bit of phone we already finger the most is a novel and exciting concept. Like most Apple products, it could ‘just work.’

But we’ll miss that iPhone Home button logo. It became a sort of unofficial bit of iconography, instantly recognizable as Apple. It’s not completely gone. It will live on with the iPhone 5C and perhaps new iPad models, but we’ll have to get used to the silver ring lining the new Home button of the iPhone 5S. And while it looks sleek, it doesn’t have quite the same charm.

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  • Wes Loveday

    Really? Mourning an ICON? LOL Give me functionality ANY day!

  • Awwww… didn’t even think of that! Lol

    Man, it’s so weird not seeing that little square down there, but I’ll admit — it’s so much cleaner.

  • Android1031

    Lol they copied Motorola

  • Android1031

    No apple icon? Wtf am i going to masturbate to before i shleep?