Just like after opening Christmas or Birthday presents, now its time to turn our attention to what we didn't get.
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What we didn’t get- iPhone 5S/5C edition


Many Apple fans look forward to event launches and keynotes the same way that a child looks forward to Christmas morning or their birthday. However, the same the child when the presents are all opened and the friends and family are all gone, tonight Apple fans are left thinking about what we didn’t get today. And since this event was exclusively focused on the new iPhones and iOS 7, there were several things.


1. Apple TV

You knew his would be number one, right? I wasn’t so sure. I believed it when All Things D said that new Apple TV hardware wasn’t  going to be announced. However, since iOS 7 is being released on the 18th, I expected a few words about it. The Apple TV has been getting iOS 7 beta updates right alongside its companions, so I’m sure that it will also be updated on the 18th. Of course, the iPad is getting the same update, and it was only mentioned in passing.

What’s a little more surprising is that the new support for third party game controllers wasn’t mentioned. Apple took the time to give a high profile demonstration of the new Infinity Blade and its amazing graphics, but not a word about something that could really help take iOS gaming to the next level.


2. iPod Touch

The iPod line and iTunes used to get their own event in the Fall, but those days are long gone. The sales of all models of the venerable iPod have been in steady decline, and the Touch is no exception. There were rumors that, like last year, a new iPod Touch would be announced at the same time as the new iPhone, but that obviously didn’t happen.

However, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The Touch has only been getting a real update every other year, and that came last year. Apple quietly updated the low end of the line earlier in the year, retiring the remaining 4th gen models. As such, there wasn’t much reason for another update late this year.


3. Mac Pro

There was a possibility that Apple would choose this event to release the redesigned Mac Pro that was revealed during the WWDC keynote. Like the iPod Touch, it is not likely to receive its own event. But, since it has already been revealed, we know it is coming before too long. Maybe it will join the iPads in October.


4. iCloud

I was very surprised that Apple kept mum on iCloud during its rundown of iOS 7 features. While the service has had its share of bad press, the problems and weaknesses are actually confined to one or two features out of an entire suite of services. And according to several developers, Apple has actually spent some time and effort to fix problem areas, such as Core Data database synchronization. If that’s the case, why not tell the world about it?


5. Siri

Like iCloud, Siri has taken a lot of flak over the last two years, but has also gotten a nice update in iOS 7, with new voices and new capabilities, such as web search. Not even a peep today. I didn’t expect any new features, but I did expect it to be mentioned during the keynote. The iPhone is Siri’s prime platform, after all.


6. Maps

Apple has been constantly updating Maps since its ill-fated release with iOS 6 last year, and a lot of users have reported between minor and dramatic improvement in their experience. After taking their lumps early on, including Tim Cook’s famous apology, they’ve  kept quiet about it. They barely mentioned Maps at all at WWDC. Just the fact that they were coming to the Mac. Apple has also made several acquisitions to improve  and add features to Maps over the last few months, but evidently they aren’t ready to address that publicly yet, either.


7. iWork in the Cloud

Apple announced that it would be making the iWork and iLife suites of apps available for free with new device purchases today. However, there was no mention of the new iWork in the Cloud suite. As good as it has looked in beta, and as important as it could prove to be, working in conjunction with the iWork for iOS software that new users will now get for free, I’m curious why it wasn’t mentioned.

Apple wasn’t just preaching to the iOS faithful today, either. Most mainstream media outlets cover this event, and Apple was definitely looking to give them a great pitch to take back to their readers and viewers.  A free suite of full-featured web apps that ties into a collection of free, high quality iOS productivity apps sounds like a selling point to me. As a business user, I know I appreciate it.  But what do I know.


So that’s just a sampling of things that we didn’t hear about today. Can you think of anything that you were looking forward to that I forgot to mention? I would love to hear about it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @jhrogersii, or on Google+. I would love to hear from you.


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