Apple is no longer in the business of printing up customized greeting cards, at least not using their iOS 7 app. The Cards service has quietly been shuttered.
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Apple shutters Cards app, doesn’t even send farewell message


Who remembers Cards, the app Apple announced alongside the iPhone 4S that allowed users to create a physical greeting card that would then be sent via snail mail to the recipient of their choice? We don’t blame you if you have forgotten the service. It lives on in our memory as mostly an oddity, something that made us do a double take and say, “Did Apple really just announce a greeting cards app as a highlight of their iPhone 4S unveiling?”

For better or for worse, the service has been shuttered. This time the announcement was more than overshadowed by the outing of new iPhone devices. Apple could barely muster up the $2.99 to send a farewell card to the service. Instead of a few fond words printed on nice card stock, we’ll have to settle for an update to the Cards FAQ.

Apple suggests users still yearning to send real greeting cards use iPhoto on the Mac, which even offers letterpress options for the same price as the Cards app. In any case, we’d send a card to commemorate the occasion, but, well…you get the point.

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