Apple could launch an Apple TV software refresh on September 18th, the same day the company plans to make iOS 7 available to current iPhone users. Should we expect any major changes?
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Apple TV software refresh could land same day as iOS 7


Yesterday’s big Apple event has come and gone, and not a word was whispered about Apple TV. This comes after reports that Apple would unveil refreshed software for the service alongside new iPhones. But sources say the update is still headed our way, and soon enough.

After speculation that Apple might unveil next-gen TV hardware this week was shot down, rumors of revamped software for the entertainment box started to pick up. Such a software refresh is said to include the ability to play purchased iTunes content on any Apple TV box, regardless of what account is sign in, via AirPlay. It wasn’t previewed on Tuesday, but sources have reconfirmed the update, quite likely arriving alongside the launch of iOS 7 on September 18th.

Given that it seems Apple plans to spend little time promoting the changes, they may not be very major at all. Based on what we are hearing, the update may amount to no more than a few tweaks in functionality (such as the aforementioned AirPlay streaming). Industry buzz suggests this refresh might be little more than a warmup for bigger things to come. Things that could include, among all things, an actual Apple television set.

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  • Andre

    It makes sense that they would release IOS 7 for the Apple TV on the same day as IOS 7 for the other devices.

    • Luke

      they arent gonna release any iOS for the Apple TV. An upgrade maybe, but not ios

      • andrez1

        I have news for you – your Apple TV has been running IOS for some time now. The beta being tested right now for next release _is_ IOS7.

        Don’t believe me? Go to your “about” screen and look at the version. You will see the version of the “Apple TV Software” – that is just an app that runs on it.

        While you’re there, hit Select again, and you will then see the operating system version. Surprise – it will tell you right there that it’s IOS. And the new one is IOS 7.