Microsoft seems to think you would switch to the Surface if you pay them enough money... but would you rather have an iPad 2 or a Microsoft Surface? They're now offering a $200+ dollar gift card to anyone willing to trade in their iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 for a Surface RT or Surface Pro.
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Microsoft offers iPad trade-in for $200 Surface discount

Microsoft really wants you to drop your iPad and pick up a Surface. The company is now bribing letting users send in their dusty old iPad 2, iPad 3, and/or iPad 4 for a $200 discount when purchasing a Surface RT or a Surface Pro.


Better yet, it’s a MINIMUM $200 which means the worst deal you’ll get is a $150 Surface, and potentially a free Surface. That’s an awesome deal, especially if you’ve got one of the older iPad models and want to upgrade to a newer tablet, right?


There’s a reason the Surface hasn’t sold very well: consumers don’t want it. If you polled consumers and asked them if they’d rather have an iPad 2 or a Microsoft Surface, I’m guessing the vast majority would say an iPad 2. And that’s exactly what they’re saying in the stores.

It’s a futile attempt to host this poll on an Apple enthusiast site, so consider this an excercise in futility:

What do you think they do with both trade-ins they’ll get from the offer? Probably keep them for “competitive research” aka “personal use”.

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  • Corey0928

    They will probably sell them on eBay afterwards.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I would totally trade an iPad 2 if I was already planning on buying a Surface Pro. $200 is not a bad deal at all!

  • jaiotu

    Microsoft needs to realize that the 1980s and 1990s are over. They aren’t the kings anymore. They’ve lost search to Google. They’ve lost the desktop to the cloud. They’ve lost mobile to Apple.
    If Microsoft is going to stay relevant they need to quit fighting battles in wars that they’ve already lost.
    First: Get out of the Operating System business. Windows is the most hated OS on the planet. Why keep putting out Windows? License the Windows APIs as something that the end user can install on Linux, OS X, X86 Android and X86 Chrome OS. And don’t charge people an ungodly fee for it. WINE has existed for a long time on Linux to allow end users to run Windows software on Linux. Microsoft could produce a similar product to allow Windows apps to run across any platform running on X86 hardware and the world would applaud them for it.
    Second: Focus on the two areas where Microsoft has met and/or exceeded customer expectations. These are Business Software and Gaming.

    Consumers and corporations love Microsoft Office and it still remains the number one brand for content creation in business and education. iWork and Google Drive are starting to make inroads in this territory so Microsoft needs to act fast before it looses this key market too. Making Office available on Mobile is good first step. MS also needs to make Office as affordable as possible to students and home users who would otherwise be attracted to alternative apps that cost less.
    XBox. Microsoft’s Xbox series of gaming consoles have been a big hit since the original Xbox was introduced in 2001. Instead of trying to push Windows into the tablet market with Surface they should be figuring out how to take Xbox to the mobile market with Xbox branded laptops built to play Xbox games not run the current generation of PC software. A mobile XBox could still do all the things people do with a laptop; document editing with MS Office, browsing the Web and most of all allow gamers to play their favorites anywhere.
    In short, Microsoft needs to decide which of their core markets are still viable for them and which ones they need to come onboard with as partners to the companies that now dominate those markets.