Microsoft seems to think you would switch to the Surface if you pay them enough money... but would you rather have an iPad 2 or a Microsoft Surface? They're now offering a $200+ dollar gift card to anyone willing to trade in their iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 for a Surface RT or Surface Pro.
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Microsoft offers iPad trade-in for $200 Surface discount

Microsoft really wants you to drop your iPad and pick up a Surface. The company is now bribing letting users send in their dusty old iPad 2, iPad 3, and/or iPad 4 for a $200 discount when purchasing a Surface RT or a Surface Pro.


Better yet, it’s a MINIMUM $200 which means the worst deal you’ll get is a $150 Surface, and potentially a free Surface. That’s an awesome deal, especially if you’ve got one of the older iPad models and want to upgrade to a newer tablet, right?


There’s a reason the Surface hasn’t sold very well: consumers don’t want it. If you polled consumers and asked them if they’d rather have an iPad 2 or a Microsoft Surface, I’m guessing the vast majority would say an iPad 2. And that’s exactly what they’re saying in the stores.

It’s a futile attempt to host this poll on an Apple enthusiast site, so consider this an excercise in futility:

What do you think they do with both trade-ins they’ll get from the offer? Probably keep them for “competitive research” aka “personal use”.

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