Sprint subscribers will have another option to stay on top of the yearly iPhone release cycle as the carrier plans to introduce One Up, a monthly payment plan with annual upgrades.
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Sprint to launch early upgrade program in time for new iPhones


After T-Mobile got the ball rolling with their Jump plan and AT&T and Verizon followed suit with their Next and Edge programs, Sprint is set to join the early upgrade craze. Reports indicate that the carrier will introduce a new purchasing option dubbed One Up, yet another take on the monthly smartphone installment plan, and it could launch just in time for new iPhones.

Sprint’s program will allow customers to take home a new smartphone at no money down with the cost of the phone split up into 24 months worth of payments. A $650 phone would cost $27/month in addition to service fees (which come to as low as $65 when paired with One Up). As with plans offered by other carriers, customers can upgrade their phone early by trading in their old device. In the case of Sprint, upgrades are limited to one per year (and the first upgrade can’t occur until after 12 months).

All this could very well launch September 20th, which means customers looking to pick up an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C on Sprint will have yet another option to mull when purchasing. By our math, a $549 16GB iPhone 5C would come out to be about $23/month. The 16GB iPhone 5S should see a payment closer to $27/month.

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    So its $27 dollars a month added to you plan?