Get some use out of your Amazon Prime subscription and start watching Instant Video via AirPlay on your Apple TV, all thanks to the iOS app's latest update.
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Amazon Instant Video gets AirPlay support in latest update


If you’re anything like me, you pay $79 a year for Amazon Prime and totally forget the fact that the fee covers more than just free two-day shipping on most items. It also includes access to Amazon’s collection of streaming video content, and the latest update to the Instant Video app gives you one more reason to see what the retailer has to offer.

In its most recent iteration, Amazon has baked in AirPlay support for streaming content. Yep, go ahead and beam those TV shows and movies directly to your Apple TV, and then wonder why you’re still paying for Netflix. OK, that’s an easy question to answer. Netflix still carries a superior selection of streaming content compared to Instant Video, but the gap is closing. If you haven’t scoped out Amazon’s offering in a while, no better time than now.

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