After several months of waiting, folks looking for a free messaging service with a nostalgic twist will be able to download BlackBerry's BBM this Sunday, September 22nd. Does it stand a chance against the likes of iMessage and others?
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BBM for iOS launches Sunday, September 22nd


It’s been a few months since BlackBerry first announced its intentions to launch their proprietary BBM service on third-party platforms. While a summer launch was promised, the messaging service will come a day late and arrive on Sunday, September 22nd.

Android users will actually gain access to BBM first on the 21st, but the service promises cross-platform communication supporting delivery and read receipts as well as typing notifications. Those features made BBM the envy of all messaging platforms back in the day, but the competition is much steeper now. At least one BlackBerry exec thinks iOS users will still love it.

Users will be able to send voice notes, files, and images via BBM, and the app will support group chats of up to 30 people. Something tells us, though, that you will be hard-pressed to find 30 friends that will take up BBM as their primary messaging service. For the floundering BlackBerry, opening up the messaging platform to competing operating systems comes as too little, too late.

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