Apple has updated the iCloud web interface with a dash of iOS 7 aesthetics as the new mobile update begins to arrive for iPhone and iPad owners. What's changed?
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iCloud’s iOS 7-themed makeover goes live


iCloud’s iOS 7-themed overhaul, which has been previewed in beta for the past month, has gone live just in time for the launch of Apple’s new smartphone operating system, naturally. Changes extend from the icons to the application themselves, all (except iWork for iCloud beta apps) taking on a look and feel that is right at home with iOS 7.

Aside from the aesthetic changes, Apple has added the ability to quickly jump between apps by clicking the name of the service currently running. Otherwise, it’s the same iCloud web experience we are used to with a fresh coat of pain on top. You can see for yourself by logging into iCloud now.

[via iCloud]

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