Apple's cloud storage and sync solution gets a few new options for Windows users alongside the update to iOS 7. iCloud Control Panel now supports syncing with Firefox and Chrome bookmarks.
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iCloud for Windows gets Firefox and Chrome bookmark sync with iOS devices


It’s safe to say Safari isn’t the most popular (or well maintained) web browser choice for Windows users, and now Apple is giving those folks a couple new options when it comes to syncing bookmarks with iCloud. Firefox and Chrome are now supported for bookmark sync via iCloud Control Panel 3.0.

It’s a feature that not even Mac users have, and it might be one they never receive. Which is a bit of a shame, because there are plenty of Mac users using alternative web browsers, too. Then again, if you use both Chrome for desktop and mobile, it has it’s own ways of syncing your browsing data.

The new feature arrived alongside Apple’s iOS 7-flavored update to the iCloud web front. You can access it now.

[via Apple]

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