Look what just landed on our doorstep: a blue 32GB iPhone 5C! Take a look as we unbox the beauty, before diving into more details on Apple's most recent gadget spree.
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iPhone 5C Unboxing [VIDEO]

It’s iPhone Day! And while Kevin already unboxed the iPhone 5S, showed us how to setup its fingerprint scanner, and did a quick comparison to the iPhone 5... it’s time for a more colorful experience.

Here I am, unboxing the iPhone 5C in all its glory.

The iPhone 5C Unboxing Experience

I was pleasantly surprised with the 5C’s packaging. I had just witnessed Kevin unbox the 5S, so assumed the 5C would be a repeat of sorts. Definitely not the case… I should have known.

iPhone 5C-5

Apple designed the iPhone 5C packaging with the same plastic elegance as the device itself. Unforgivingly plastic. Clear top. Bold, glossy, and shiny. In your face. It was very exciting to see if not only because the packaging was such a diversion from Apple’s norms.

Inside the box you’ll find the typical:

  • Actual iPhone 5C phone
  • Bunch of paper and instructions you’ll probably throw away
  • Two Apple stickers… don’t throw those away on accident!
  • Headphones
  • Wall charger that connects with
  • USB & Lightning Cord

iPhone 5C-2

Immediately after unboxing, I got her connected to Verizon Wireless and now I’m on my way!

Why the iPhone 5C?

Make no mistake about it: the iPhone 5C is designed to hit a different target market. While Apple has maintained a premium brand image by selling only one earth shattering flagship each year, Android has pushed past Apple in volume, mainly due to the platform’s ability to please all kinds of consumers.

Big phone, small phone. Short phone, tall phone. Blue phone, black phone. I want THAT phone!

That’s the underlying purpose of the iPhone 5C: offering a lower cost alternative that pops with excitement, reaches a new market, without being deemed “last year’s leftovers”.

The early adopters and tech elite who demand top of the line gadgets aren’t going to like the iPhone 5C a whole lot. Nevermind them. The iPhone 5C is more affordable, and to some many people, saving a couple hundred bucks on a phone lets them spend those funds in other preferred places.

Enjoy some iPhone 5C Pictures, above.

Not to mention, parents may not have bought their kids super expensive iPhones in the past, but don’t you think if your kid wanted their first phone or first smartphone, the new iPhone 5C with all it’s colors and reduced price might be attractive for parents and children?

Apple isn’t stupid… and while people lined up outside stores were mostly awaiting the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C will still sell like hotcakes.

iPhone 5C Specs & Details

If you’re buying the iPhone 5C, it shouldn’t be merely for the specs- the iPhone 5S easily wins that race with a 64-bit system, improved processor, fingerprint scanner home button, improved camera and flash, and more.

Hold your horses, though… the iPhone 5C is still a VERY capable device:

  • A6 Chip
  • 4-inch Retina Display
  • 136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
  • ƒ/2.4 aperture
  • LED flash
  • 1080p HD video
  • 1.2MP front-facing camera

Plus you get all the sexiness and awesomeness of everything Apple and iPhone that you would always expect… in that unforgiving plasticky wrapping.

iPhone 5C Coverage Continues

Stay tuned as we bring you a full range of articles, information, and reviews relating to the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Until then… we’ll see you in our iPhone Forums!

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