Apple's supposedly uncrackable Touch ID fingerprint scanner has already been hacked, and it was done so using already-established methods. Here's how it can be done using a camera, printer, and some wood glue.
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Hackers make duping iPhone 5S fingerprint security look easy

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You know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Despite Apple’s claims that the Touch ID fingerprint lock found in the iPhone 5S uses advanced technology to make it almost impossible to trick, a team of German hackers make it look easy. But is it the method they used really a threat?

Yes and no. Yes, because the “hack” can be easily undertaken by anyone with the right materials. No, because the process still requires a bit of effort and time.

So how did they do it? A high resolution photo of the fingerprint (taken from a glass) was printed with thick toner to create a dimensional, inverted version of the print. Latex or wood glue can then be used to make a replica of the fingerprint for use in duping biometric security systems.

It’s a method that has been used mostly with success on nearly every form of fingerprint security to date, despite Apple boasting that their sensor could not be fooled by such methods. But should you be worried? That depends. Are you a celebrity or the President of the United States?

While the process is pretty easy, it’s still a lot of work for a would-be phone thief to go through just to gain access to the personal info of a random smartphone users. Most thieves want to make a quick buck off a phone by selling it at a self-serve kiosk at the mall, like the ecoATM, rather than perform full-on identity theft.

All thing’s considered, perhaps Touch ID should be viewed as a convenient, quick, and mostly-secure way of locking down your smartphone. It’s not the Fort Knox Apple made it out to be, but it’s still a bit more secure than your standard PIN lock.

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  • Wil

    They have too much time on their hands!

  • Mark Wheeler

    I don’t think they were trying to prove a point just make some $ and publicity off of the YouTube hits :p

    • Renkman

      Yeah, it’s all about recognition with these guys. Money is usually up for grabs, you’re right.

  • Dorian Duarte

    So much for security… I think they might as well make an eyeball scanner! no one will go to that far of measures to break into your phone lol..

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