We've seen plenty of hardware out of China that copies the look of Apple's iOS devices, but how about software? A new app has appeared in the Google Play Store claiming to offer a way for Android users to access iMessage.
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Don’t mess with this iMessage knockoff for Android


There’s something fishy about this iMessage app for Android, and it’s not the fact that it’s using an outdate iOS 6 skin. While that should be a first warning sign, the reality is that the app, which recently appeared in the Google Play Store, is the work of a third-party developer. It by no means provides official cross-platform access to Apple’s popular messaging service.

Concerned netizens have broken down the code to find out exactly what’s going on, and it’s shady at best. Yes, the app does actually log you into iMessage using an Apple ID. It does so by passing an Android smartphone off as a Mac Mini when pinging Apple’s servers. To accomplish this it pings a server in China. Every time you send a message. That server could very well be storing those messages, IDs and passwords, and perhaps other info associated with accounts such as credit card info.

It gets worse. The app also takes the liberty of being able to download and install background services. At this point, your malware alarm should be ringing loud and clear.

We see no reason why you should even mess with this dubious iMessage clone if you’re an Android user, even if it was created with the best of intentions. If Google doesn’t pull it first, expect Apple to get this removed ASAP.

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  • Brett

    Yeah, definitely be wary. If you need to communicate cross-platform, and regular texting isn’t an option….use Facebook Messenger.

    • Yup. Facebook Messenger, Kik, Hangouts. There’s a ton of ways to chat with others using other apps. Fake iMessenger is definitely NOT the way. Lol