After offering $200 toward the purchase of a Surface tablet if a customer trades in an old iPad, Microsoft is poised to launch a similar deal for iPhone trade-ins. Is it enough to spy a platform war?
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Microsoft set to offer $200 trade-in for old iPhones


A few weeks back, Microsoft began offering customers the option to trade in their old iPad for $200 toward a Surface tablet. A new report from Forbes says the same deal will soon launch for those looking to buy into the Windows Phone platform.

Beginning this Friday, Microsoft Stores will offer 200 big ones in exchange for iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S handsets. I guess they are assuming no one will be trading in a 5S or 5C at this point. The money actually comes as store credit, so you won’t need to purchase a new phone or tablet to qualify for the deal. If you’ve been eyeing something at the Microsoft Store and just picked up one of the new iPhone models, this could be right up your alley.

But Microsoft’s main goal is to lure customers away from one of their biggest competitors, especially as the company expands its mobile strategy. The 90s and early 2000s were all about the PC war between Windows and Mac. Can Microsoft reignite the fire with its old rival in the mobile market?

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