iPad 5 specs detailed with side-by-side comparison to iPad 4 and iPad mini [VIDEO]


It has been widely speculated that the iPad 5 will more closely resemble the form factor of the iPad mini.  There have been a ridiculous amount of photos of purported parts and color variations of the next generation iPad. This morning we have a_very_detailed video brought to us by Chinese parts supplier, sw-box.com, backing up what we have mostly already suspected.  The iPad 5 will be much lighter and thinner, and even slightly shorter then the iPad 4, and will mostly resemble a larger version of the iPad mini.  Expected to be announced some time in October, perhaps at its own Apple event.  If this video is any indication of what to expect for the iPad 5, this may very well be most popular iPad yet.  What do you think?  Will you be buying the iPad 5?


video [sw-box]

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