Interbrand has released their annual report on global brand value, and Apple has reached the number one position, knocking off the soft drink maker that has held the spot since the survey first was published.
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Apple overtakes Coca-Cola as world’s top brand


Interbrand has released their annual reports on the world’s biggest global brands, and there’s a new king of the mountain. Since the firm began publishing its report in 2000, Coca-Cola had topped the list every year. Their reign now comes to an end, and it’s Apple’s turn at the top. The company was valued overall at $98.3 billion.

Tech made a big showing in 2013’s list. Coca-Cola actually dropped all the way to number three after so many years of top billing. It was Google that jumped into second place. Microsoft and IBM also made the top five, while Samsung and Intel placed in the top ten. Facebook, a relatively new brand, all things considered, didn’t place as high, but still saw a big gain as it rose to the 52nd overall position.

Interbrand’s report isn’t strictly based on the numbers, though a company’s financials do factor into the final rating. The survey also considers brand loyalty and influence. While it’s hard to find a brand that has existed longer in such a recognizable way, Coca-Cola has fallen to the tech that seeps into every corner of our life.

At a time when sugary soft drink makers are facing more and more pressure to promote healthy diet choices (which might not include drinking a ton of Coke), the writing was on the wall. Or, in this case perhaps, the tablet.

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