Toronto Blue Jays assistant general manager Jay Sartori has been brought on board to run the sports section of the App Store. Is it a major league signing?
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Apple hires basbeball exec to manage sports section of App Store


Apple is known for finding creative solutions — for thinking outside the box. It has led to a number of unconventional hires, the latest of which is Jay Sartori. Sartoria was most recently known as the assistant general manager of Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays, basement dwellers of the American League East. He will now manage the sports section of the App Store.

While his focus as assistant GM for the Jays was on inking player deals and managing behind the scenes transactions, he has previous experience building software and information systems. The background seems fitting for his new task at Apple.

Of course, Sartori was involves in a Jays team that splurged on several big-name signings last offseason only to find themselves in last place at the end of the year. How involved he was in those acquisitions is up for conjecture. Let’s just hope his new team continues its successful run.

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