If you have been having trouble sending iMessages since the iOS 7 update, Apple says a fix is on the way. Could it be coming as part of iOS 7.0.3?
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Experiencing iMessage issues after iOS 7 update? Apple says a fix is on the way


While the issue reportedly only affects a small minority of iOS 7 users, Apple has acknowledged that there is a problem with iOS 7 in the latest platform update. Users are experiencing issues sending iMessages, often without even realizing their messages have not gone through.

For users experiencing the problem, the blue status bar of a sent message will hang just before completion, but the app will not deliver a failure to send notification. To restore working order, iMessage needs to be disabled and restarted either through settings or by turning off the phone.

Apple says a fix is on the way, and it very well could be part of the iOS 7.0.3 update we heard about yesterday. For iMessage users, it couldn’t come soon enough.

[via WSJ]

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