As Apple prepares to launch an updated iPad mini, sources within the company's supply chain say one vital component will be in short supply. Will the new tablet see only a limited rollout by year's end?
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Report: iPad mini with Retina display could see severe supply shortage at launch

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The iPad mini with Retina display could be harder to find at launch than a gold iPhone. reports indicate that Apple’s partners just begun ramping up for production of the tablet’s higher resolution display. It is expected that Apple will announce the new iPad mini later this month in time for a holiday launch.

Initial supplies will be tight as Apple’s supply chain will be short on the necessary hardware, which could lead to only a limited rollout this year. A steady flow of 8-inch Retina displays wouldn’t be available until 2014.

If Apple knows it will face stock constraints initially, perhaps the best course of action is to simply wait to launch the new iPad mini until next year in order to truly capitalize on holiday sales of existing stock. We’ll see what sort of merit these reports have once Apple takes wraps off their latest tablet offerings this month.

[via Reuters]

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