After over a year without push email, German iPhone users once again have access to the functionality. An injunction on the service was lifted as part of the appeals process in patent litigation with Motorola.
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Push email returns to Germany after injunction is lifted in Motorola case


While the case isn’t settled, Apple has taken the necessary steps to restore push email services for iPhone users in Germany — for the time being. The ban of iOS 7’s push email dates back to February of 2012, when Motorola filed suit saying the functionality infringed on certain patents owned by the now Google-owned operation.

While a final decision could still be a few month out, the initial injunction placed on Apple has been temporarily lifted while the two parties sort out their differences. To get around the ban, Apple paid a $135 million bond. The case has been in the appeals phase since August 29th and will now get a closer examination by the court.

[via PCWorld]


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