After a long enough wait, sources indicate that Google Play Music for iOS could launch this month with support for All Access music streaming. Will the service make iTunes Match an obsolete choice for most?
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Google Play Music could make official iOS debut this month

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If you have been holding out on paying $25/year for iTunes Match in hopes that the free alternative Google Play Music might finally launch for iOS, the wait could soon be over. According to sources close to the matter, Google is finishing up internal testing on a native iOS version of their cloud music and streaming service, and it could debut this month.

Over the summer, Google debuted Play Music All Access, a subscription streaming service offering users their pick of on-demand music, much like Spotify. Apple’s answer was iTunes Radio, a decidedly less robust music tool more akin to Pandora. It’s unclear, however, if Google’s app will only support the paid version of their service or if it will also support free streaming of a Play Music user’s entire cloud library.

Third-party alternatives have been making the rounds in the App Store, some of which support nearly all major features of the platform. However, they have been rife with bugs and other issues that make them less than ideal solutions. Google initially let slip plans to launch an iOS Play Music app over the summer, but the service was delayed due to DRM issues.

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  • Mark Wheeler

    Nope, I plan on getting match still, I’ve been buying music from iTunes since 2004 and I have no plans on rebuying the 1000+ songs I’ve bought over that time.

    • You don’t have to re-buy them. Just upload the MP3s you already own directly to Google Music.

    • Brett

      I have a ton of music on Google Play…only 3 songs were actually purchased from Google IIRC. I bought a few from crapple and then eventually started buying from Amazon and uploading to Google Play, that way I can stream them on both my Kindle Fire, my Nexus 4, and my Chromecast. Haven’t paid Google a dime for it yet. I may eventually try All Access.

    • Toilet Seat Wipe

      Yeah because free is just too damn expens….Wait

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice! Now I can use my iPad for music!

  • James Rogers

    I have Match because it makes library management a snap between our numerous iOS devices. My wife, kids, and I never have to worry about iTunes on a PC anymore, which is DEFINITELY worth $25 a year.

    I dropped Spotify and switched to All Access when Google still had their $7.99/month special on. I was thinking about switching back because the original gMusic app for iOS was a total mess for All Access, and I had just about given up on Google releasing an iOS app, but the new iOS 7 version of gMusic is a big enough improvement that I stuck with it. I’m sure things will be silky smooth once the native app is released. It’s about time.