Snapchat's latest update brings an extended viewing mode called Stories, a 24-hour timeline of snaps that can be shared with all friends at once. Are temporary updates the future of social media?
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Snapchat introduces 24-hour timeline ‘Stories’

Snapchat just introduced its version of the newsfeed, but don’t worry about content hanging around too long. The latest update brings “My Story,” a 24-hour timeline of snaps available for all friends to view.

The new feature is a slight departure from how Snapchat rose to fame. It forgoes one-to-one (or group) sharing of photos and videos that disappear for eternity after viewing and instead allows content to live for an entire day. It keeps a running list of who has looked at what, and presumably still discourages your friends from taking a screen grab of the extended-run snaps.

Snapchat has ridden the line between social networking and messaging, but the latest update adds another layer to the friends list. It won’t supplant Facebook as the go-to source for updates and annoying statuses, but it does show that Snapchat is willing to enter that realm.

[via Snapchat]

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