The iPhone 5C stares down a .50 caliber rifle. Do we even need to go over the rest? The sheer destruction is captured in 60,000 fps slo-glory.
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The iPhone 5C versus a .50 caliber rifle

This ain’t your typical drop test. Sure, things start off innocent enough. A three-foot fall to the dirt leaves the iPhone 5C relatively unscathed. A trip to the concrete turns the display into a nice finger slicer.  A quick dip in water does no real damage. But how about when the all-plastic update to the iPhone 5 stares down the barrel of a .50 caliber rifle?


It’s safe to say the iPhone 5C won’t be taking a bullet for you, because the phone gets entirely shredded. The crew behind the above video also took the opportunity to test the iPhone 5S 120 fps slo-mo camera vs. their own 60,000 fps cam. Again, no surprise there which came out on top.

The moral of the story? If you’re at the gun range and an Android fanboy asks to see your phone, run away. Run away fast.

[via Gizmodo]

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