Apple's streaming music service could soon begin rolling out to regions outside the US, including the UK and Canada. Will Apple beat its competitors to market in these regions?
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iTunes Radio to reach more of the English-speaking world in early 2014


Apple’s iTunes Radio, which debuted alongside iOS 7 at the end of September, for now remains a US-only service. According to a report fromĀ Bloomberg, that should be changing by early 2014. Apple’s streaming music component to iTunes is expected to launch in the UK, Canada, and other English-speaking regions during the opening weeks of the new year.

Other countries that can expect to see iTunes Radio include Australia and New Zealand as well as the Nordic region. In the UK and Canada, iTunes Radio has a chance of debuting before the service’s most similar competitor, Pandora.

So it all begs the question: have you been enjoying iTunes Radio? Getting much use out of it? Or has the relatively limited music streaming service fallen to the wayside in the few weeks since it has gone live?

[via Bloomberg]

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