The final 16-bit entry in the popular Final Fantasy series will make its mobile debut this winter. Is Final Fantasy VII next?
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Final Fantasy VI headed to iOS this winter


Square Enix is continuing their quest to bring ports of early Final Fantasy titles to smartphones, confirming that the sixth installment in the series will launch for iOS this winter. The game will be a retooling of the original Finally Fantasy, which was the last 16-bit entry making the jump to the Playstation and breaking out with Final Fantasy VII.

Unlike previous iOS ports, the game will retain its 2D styling (previous 3D ports were actually remakes of Nintendo DS remakes), but graphics will be tightened and gaming mechanics balanced. Takashi Tokita of Square Enix refers to the game as a remake of the original, which launched in the US as Final Fantasy III.

Reaching this milestone, the next question is when mobile gamers can expect Final Fantasy VII, arguably the most popular Final Fantasy title of all time. Tokita says the possibility is being considered, but it hinges on the success of VI’s mobile port.

[via Kotaku]

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