An electric tea pot that can be fired up and dialed into the perfect temperature without even leaving the bed…and it will notify your phone when the water has boiled. The iKettle is so cool, it might make a tea drinker out of you.
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iKettle electric kettle pings your phone when the tea is ready


Serious tea drinkers know there is no substitute for a brew prepared at the perfect temperature, and the electric iKettle does that and more. Not only can an exact temperature be dialed in for your English Breakfast or Earl Grey, but it can be done remotely, all from an iPhone.

What’s more, the iKettle, through its companion app, will ask if you’d like to start a fresh pot before you even roll out of bed. It will serve up a notification when the water is boiled and ready to go.

It all happens over your home’s WiFi network, bringing one more connected appliance into the fray. Even without the connected capabilities, the iKettle is still a high-quality offering built from stainless steel. It’s up for pre-order now at $160.

[via Firebox]

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