Historically hard on Apple's smartphone offerings, Consumer Reports is finally seeing the light with positive impressions of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. One problem: they still recommend an Android competitor.
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When it comes to new iPhones, Consumer Reports says Motorola’s Droids are a better buy


Consumer Reports has, at best, a tenuous history with Apple’s smartphone offerings. So when the trusted buyer’s guide finally ceded some ground to a brand the public has already overwhelmingly endorsed, it’s not surprising that it came with a caveat.

Though they found the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID “compelling” and signed off on the iPhone 5C as a good choice for “budget-minded buyers,” they couldn’t end without suggesting folks look into Motorola’s new Droid lineup as a better alternative. Their reasoning? Battery life and a bigger display.

We suppose it’s hard to argue those two points. Factually, the Droids do offer bigger displays (with the smallest option coming in at 4.3 inches) and heftier battery capacities, but this doesn’t necessarily make them an obvious better buy.

In our reviews and testing, battery life has proven to be sufficient enough. It’s true the iPhone 5S and 5C won’t last for 48 hours on a single charge, but most consumers only need a battery that lasts through the day, which Apple’s new handsets are more than capable of. Display size, as always, is more a matter of preference. There is nothing inherently better about a display measuring 0.3-inches larger on the diagonal.

But maybe Apple should just take what it can get, and that’s one of the highest rankings for their latest iPhone offerings that company has ever seen out of Consumer Reports. If you wanted our opinion, when it comes to the iPhone 5S and 5C we say buy all the way.

[via Consumer Reports]

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