Historically hard on Apple's smartphone offerings, Consumer Reports is finally seeing the light with positive impressions of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. One problem: they still recommend an Android competitor.
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When it comes to new iPhones, Consumer Reports says Motorola’s Droids are a better buy


Consumer Reports has, at best, a tenuous history with Apple’s smartphone offerings. So when the trusted buyer’s guide finally ceded some ground to a brand the public has already overwhelmingly endorsed, it’s not surprising that it came with a caveat.

Though they found the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID “compelling” and signed off on the iPhone 5C as a good choice for “budget-minded buyers,” they couldn’t end without suggesting folks look into Motorola’s new Droid lineup as a better alternative. Their reasoning? Battery life and a bigger display.

We suppose it’s hard to argue those two points. Factually, the Droids do offer bigger displays (with the smallest option coming in at 4.3 inches) and heftier battery capacities, but this doesn’t necessarily make them an obvious better buy.

In our reviews and testing, battery life has proven to be sufficient enough. It’s true the iPhone 5S and 5C won’t last for 48 hours on a single charge, but most consumers only need a battery that lasts through the day, which Apple’s new handsets are more than capable of. Display size, as always, is more a matter of preference. There is nothing inherently better about a display measuring 0.3-inches larger on the diagonal.

But maybe Apple should just take what it can get, and that’s one of the highest rankings for their latest iPhone offerings that company has ever seen out of Consumer Reports. If you wanted our opinion, when it comes to the iPhone 5S and 5C we say buy all the way.

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  • ratnok

    Kevin goes 100% fanboy on this one. Consumer Reports doesn’t have a “tenuous history” with Apple. They just are willing to call Apple out for their shortcomings over the years (price, poor antennas, etc) when much of the blog space favors click friendly Apple worshipping. It’s probably due their extensive laboratory testing and anti-advertising unbiased business model.

    Regardless, Apple has always ranked high on CR reviews regardless of the category. The fact that they aren’t the top manufacturer in smartphones, or PCs is confirmed by not only Consumer Reports, but also by actually consumers the world over. Attacking and whining about CR doesn’t make iphones better phones.

    By the way, CNET also has the Droid Maxx ranked #1.
    #2 Galaxy Note 3
    #3 Galaxy S4
    #4 HTC One
    With the iPhone 5s (ironically) #5

    Sorry. Maybe next year?

    • Scrotum Repair

      Well, this is a iPhone site so expect the fan boy rhetoric. Regardless, the critique CR has leveled at the iPhone over the years is warranted. The grip of death being one of them. They made a good point in why buy something that is flawed, especially if the company drags ass to resolve it. Beyond that, they still score the iPhones high. Not making the top pick is not always a bad thing. It just goes to show the bias of the fan boy perspective.


      @ratnok:disqus you must really be a Android fanboy to call out Kevin like that. It’s not about the specs or prices or cutting edge tech that makes iPhone the best phone on the market. It’s because they are the most “INNOVATIVE” phone ever produced. Every Apple lover knows innovation is like what Kevin said “is more a matter of preference.” iPhone owners prefer a smaller screen until a bigger one comes out. They prefer to hold their phone a certain way or buy a 30$ case and they are prefer to just except what is given to them. I also believe the only reason the Maxx ranked so high is because the Moto X was not out yet. SO THERE! LOL I hope you get my humor, 😉

      • ratnok


      • Larizard

        “iPhone owners prefer a smaller screen until a bigger one comes out.”

        LMAO QFT

  • MK2

    I think it’s funny that the only posts on the iphone blog that have comments are comments from phandroid 🙂