A second report is confirming news that Apple has ordered manufacturing partners to slow down production of the low-cost iPhone 5C. Could the phone soon be gone altogether?
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Second report confirms Apple cutting back on iPhone 5C production


The Wall Street JournalĀ is confirming a report from earlier in the month that Apple is reducing production orders for the iPhone 5C. According to the latest, Apple will have Pegatron and Hon Hai — manufacturing partners for the 5C — cut shipments by 20 and 30 percent, respectively.

Component suppliers have been told to expect orders for iPhone 5C parts to drop by as much as 50 percent. It leads to the same question we posited in our previous post on the matter: is the move a signifier of poor sales performance or simply a normal leveling off in production following the launch of the handset in September?

At the same time that Apple is reducing orders for the 5C, production on the iPhone 5S is ramping up. Cupertino hasn’t come clean with exact sales figures for each model following their simultaneous launch, but most analysts seem to agree that the 5S is outperforming the 5C by a rather wide margin.

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