Square is expanding its portfolio with Square Cash, a free app that allows users to send and receive money using only an email address and debit card. Paying off your debts was never so simple.
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Square Cash lets you send money instantly to anyone


Square has always been an easy way to accept payments, but the introduction of Square Cash makes it a great way to send them as well. Square Cash gives users the PayPal-like ability to send money to anyone instantly using only an email address. That’s right, the recipient doesn’t even have to be a Square user.

It works by associating a debit card to the email, allowing Square to withdraw money from the send and deposit it in the account of the recipient. When accepting a Square Cash payment, the process is nearly identical to entering your card info on a retail site like Amazon. The best part? The service is 100 percent free.

Now there is no excuse for outstanding debt. Pay your friend back for that beer before you even leave the bar. Or tip your favorite blogger before you even finish reading this post (the email is Kevin followed by the name of this blog)…

[via Square]

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