After BlackBerry's servers were overloaded, the initial rollout of BBM was put on hold. The solution? A wait list for account activations. Download the app now and get in line.
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BBM for iOS up for download today, but service rolling out slowly


We’ve waited long enough for BlackBerry’s messaging service to go cross-platform, and we’re not done. After botching the initial rollout of BBM for iOS and Android last month, the app is finally available today as a free download from the App Store. One problem: you won’t be able to start using the service just yet.

Turns out BlackBerry’s servers weren’t quite ready to handle the influx of new users, which is partly why the first attempt at launching the service was put on hold. Users taking advantage of a leaked Android build overloaded the servers before the company could adequately compensate.

In order to address high demand and ease things along, after downloading the app new users will need to queue up in a virtual line, reserving their spot by email address. Users will be notified when their accounts have been activated (anyone that pre-registered at the BBM site gains automatic access).

BBM has certainly garnered a bit of attention. It remains to be seen if perhaps the greatest lasting legacy of what was once one of the biggest players in the smartphone industry can hold serve with the many competitors that have emerged in recent years.

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  • What’s going on with the app.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Works well… I jsut can’t find anyone to use it with. LMAO

    • MC Wong

      I’m in the same boat. Registered 2 accounts for both my phones. Now I can chat with myself. No one I know has registered and are queuing for it.

      • Edgar Cervantes

        LOL. Seriously. I thought I would have some overseas friends with Blackberries still.

        • MC Wong

          No more friends using bb phones except some in Indonesia but don’t have their pins. No local contacts have blackberry phones. Just have to wait until they jump on the bandwagon. My wife and daughter are in the queue but they use imessage on iPhones. I’m the odd one on android lol.

  • josh nolan

    me and the one person I know in my life that has a black berry can now send messages… woohoo… since we are both on plans with unlimited messaging already…..this will be very useful……