Did Jony Ive and company use Microsoft Word to design iOS 7? Of course not, but that didn't stop one intrepid designer from taking on the task. The result is pretty amazing.
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iOS 7 recreated using only Microsoft Word

This video begins with one simple question: “Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?” While we know (or at least hope) the answer to that query is a resounding “no,” one Word whiz shows us it is most definitely possible.

Watch as every detail of Apple’s latest mobile platform update is painstakingly recreated using only the tools build into Microsoft’s word processing software. The resulting home screen replica is even placed seamlessly within an iPhone 5 mockup (again created using only Word).

The result is two fold, showcasing how Word’s basic tools can be turned into a powerful graphic design platform if you know the right tricks, and highlighting the simplicity of iOS 7. Just don’t tell Jony Ive.

[via YouTube]

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