After being cut from the release version of iOS 7, iCloud Keychain is rolling out to iOS 7 along with its release in Mavericks.
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iCloud Keychain appears in Mavericks, returns to iOS 7


iCloud Keychain is a new secure password and purchase information handling feature for both OSX Mavericks and iOS 7 that got plenty of stage time at the WWDC Keynote. It also appeared in the beta versions of both operating systems, and seemed to be stable and fully functional.

However, iCloud Keychain was conspicuously absent from the iPhone announcement. Even more surprising, it was removed from the shipping version of iOS 7, leading many to believe there were issues, and that the feature had been cut for some reason. However, it now seems that Apple was simply waiting for the release of Mavericks to roll it out across all of their platforms simultaneously. That, or to collect enough iOS 7 bug fixes to justify a “point” update.

If you haven’t gotten a notification yet, if you go to Settings-Software Update, iOS 7.0.3 is now available for download and install. It includes iCloud Keychain, as well as fixes to bugs in iMessage and Touch ID enhancements, among other things.

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