New iWork and iLife apps are here! All apps are updated for all platforms, and collaboration has been added to iWork for iCloud.
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iLife and iWork Updated for iOS 7 and Mavericks

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Eddy Cue announced that new versions of the iLife and iWork suites of apps are being released for both iOS 7 and Mavericks. All of the apps are going to be 64 bit, which takes advantage of the iPhone 5S’s new A7 processor. All of the apps will also feature iCloud integration to sync content between devices, and are also free with new device purchases, with fremium content available for Garageband.

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Here are just a few of the new features that were mentioned:

1. iPhoto- Photo books organization that can be printed into a high quality coffee table books.

2. iMovie- New iMovie Theater feature that organizes all of your video content across all devices, including the Apple TV, using iCloud.

3. Garage Band- All devices can now use 16 tracks. 64-bit devices can work with 32. Includes a new “Drummer” feature, with grooves from different session players. Includes one drummer, with others available as in-app purchases.


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4. iWork- New iOS 7 style design across all three apps. Lots of new effects available in Keynote.

5. iWork for iCloud has added online collaboration, taking a real shot across Google’s bow.

All of the apps are available today, so get updating!




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