A refresh of the iWork and iLife apps seems imminent, which should bring them in line with Apple's latest software design language.
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iWork for iCloud down ahead of iPad Event. Leaked icons point to possible iOS 7 style redesign


The icons above appeared on Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C pages last week, and point to the imminent eradication of skeuomorphism from Apple’s entire software lineup. Find My Friends is going to be pretty lonely, unless it also gets updated today. While these leaked icons were eventually switched back to the current versions, this update makes a lot of sense, and brings the iLife and iWork apps in line with all of Apple’s recent design changes.


Another indicator of imminent change is the fact that the new iWork for iCloud web apps, which have been available in Beta for a month now, is down along with the Apple Store. These web apps originally shared the current design of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Looks like that may be changing shortly. According to the banner above, they will be back today, so we shall see.



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